Building Material Testing Laboratory

The division comprises of qualified and experienced team of Civil engineers aided with sophisticated digitalized equipment and NABL 17025-2005 Accredited Laboratory with state of art equipment to cater to the needs of Construction Industry.

All tests are conducted in accordance with Indian Standards (IS), British Standards (BS), American Standards (ASTM), German Standards (DIN), European standards (EN), and international standards organization (ISO).

We have facility to test following materials.:

  • Aggregate & Metals Aggregate Impact Test Specific Gravity Water Absorption Aggregate Crushing Strength Aggregate Flakiness Index Test Aggregate Elongation Test Los Angeles Abrasion Test Stripping Value Test California Bearing Ratio Test Soundness Value Alkali reactivity Specific Gravity
  • Cement Fineness (By Sieving)Specific Surface (By Blain's air permeability) Consistency Setting Time (Initial & Final) Soundness Specific Gravity Heat of Hydration
  • Soil Grain size analysis Triaxial shear test Unconfined compression test Consolidation test Standard and modified compaction Test Atterbergs Limit CBR test (Soak and Un-soak) Moisture content.OMC & MDD
  • Concrete Flexural Strength Compressive Strength of Cube and Core Slump Design Mixes
  • Steel Proof Stress % of Elongation Yield Stress Tensile Stress
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